.Effects of 8 weeks resistance training with beta-alanine and bicarbonate sodium supplementation on muscle strength and muscle endurance in trained adults

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Purpose: Our study aimed to investigate the combined effects of resistance training with beta-alanine (BA) and sodium bicarbonate (SB) on muscle endurance and muscle strength in trained adults.

Methods: We recruited 20 trained adults aged between 18-25 years old and assigned them to one of two groups: (1) placebo and (2) (BA+SB). Participants took supplements for 8 weeks with 3 sessions per week. The group taking (BA+SB) consumed BA daily during the 8 weeks of training (the first two weeks 3 gr per day in three meals- the second two weeks 4 gr per day in three meals- the third two weeks 5 gr per day and finally the forth two weeks 6 per day), while taking (SB the first two weeks 4 gr per sessions- second two weeks 4 gr- third two weeks 6 gr –forth two weeks 6gr) 30 minutes before each session per week. The training programs included bench press, squat, press shoulder, pull-up, and leg extension. Each exercise was repeated for (3) sets until failure with (70% 1RM) and 1minutes rest between set.

Results: Despite the incremental changes in muscular strength and endurance observed between the control and testing groups, the alterations that took place were deemed insignificant. Notably, there were no statistically significant disparities (p > 0.05) noted between the placebo group and the group receiving both BA+SB, concerning the impact of the resistance training protocol on muscular strength and endurance.

Conclusions: The findings of this study indicate that participating in an 8-week training regimen that concentrates on resistance exercises and includes the use of beta-alanine (BA) and sodium bicarbonate (SB) as supplements, does not result in any beneficial effects in terms of improving both muscular and endurance muscular .strength