The Predict of the Positive Meta-Cognitions and MetaEmotions through self-detemination and sport goal orientation in athletes

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Ph.D. in sports psychology, assistant professor and faculty member of Farhangian University, Fatemeh Al-Zahra Campus, Yazd, Iran. Email:
Introduction: Metacognition refers to self-knowledge, control and monitoring of one’s
own thinking and emotional processes. The framework of such metacognition is consistent with self-regulation and goal orientation in difficult times.
Objective: The purpose of this study was to predict the Positive Meta-Cognitions and Meta-Emotions through self-determination and sport goal orientation in athletes.
Method: The sample consisted of 307 men and women athletes of 7 sport clups in
Jahrom city which selected by use of cluster random sampling. In this research, the Positive Metacognitions and Positive Meta-Emotions Questionnaire (PMCEQ) of Beer & Moneta (2011) was used to measure positive metacognition and meta-emotions, and the Exercise Self-Regulation Questionnaire (SRQ-E) of Ryan and Kennel (2011) was used to measure self-determination, and the goal orientation questionnaire adapted from Duda & Nicholls (1992) was used to measure the goal orientation.
Findings: Confirmatory factor analysis showed a close relationship between self-determination and goal orientation with Positive Meta-Cognitions and Meta-Emotions, where 47.24% of the variance of meta-cognition and positive meta-emotion is explained by self-determination and sports goal orientation. Pearson's correlation test showed that there is a negative relationship between Positive Meta-Cognitions and Meta-Emotions with sports goal orientation (-.11) and a significant positive relationship with self-determination (.22). The multivariate regression test showed that self-determination and sports goal orientation can significantly predict Positive Meta-Cognitions and Meta-Emotions in athletes.
Conclusion: The results of the present study seem to indicate the ability to predict the Positive Meta-Cognitions and Meta-Emotions through self-determination and sport goal orientation in the domain of sport and physical activity. This report can develop the theory of self-determination by providing suggestions that might serve to direct the relationship between the Positive Meta-Cognitions and Meta-Emotions, self-determination and sport goal orientation.