The Effect of Body Image and Mental Health on Self-esteem of Female Volleyball Players with the Mediating Role of Body Appreciation

Poster Presentation
Paper ID : 1502-SSRC
1تهران .دانشگاه آزاد اسلامی.واحد یادگار امام
2Sports Psychology Group, Islamic Azad University, Yadegar Imam Branch, Tehran, Iran
The aim of the study was to investigate the effect of body image and mental health on female volleyball player self-esteem with the mediating role of body appreciation. The present study was based on paradigm of meta-evidence-oriented research type, quantitative approach, descriptive-survey strategy and causal form of assumptions. The statistical population of this study were all female volleyball players in Tehran and the sample size was determined using the sample size formula in the structural equations of Homan et al. (1390) (5q<n<15q). A non-random sampling method using sampling was available. Finally, after returning 163 questionnaires, the researcher analyzed the data. To collect data from the multidimensional self-body relationship questionnaires (including 69 questions of 9 components and 3 physical dimensions, satisfaction with different body parts and individual attitudes about weight), 28-GHQ General Health Questionnaire (28-question form including four subscales), Zornberg Self-Esteem Questionnaire (with 10 items) and Aval Body Appreciation Scale Vos (13 substances) were used. In order to analyze the data, descriptive analysis and correlation analysis were used from SPSS software version 28, and for confirmatory factor analysis and research assumptions and structural equations, Smart Pls software version 4 was used. Analysis of the results of research hypotheses showed that body image does not have a significant effect on the self-esteem of female volleyball players, but mental health has a direct and significant effect on self-esteem, body image on gratitude, mental health on body appreciation, and body appreciation on the self-esteem of female volleyball players in Tehran. Yes... Considering the newness of the body appreciation variable, researchers are suggested to expand research in this field and use an experimental method to determine the effects of body appreciation on improving women's body image.