A review on the effect of stress and anxiety on the performance of athletes

Oral Presentation
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2دانشیار مدیریت ورزشی، دانشگاه بین المللی امام رضا (ع)

Stress and anxiety exist as a natural reaction to everyday tensions and worries, and one of the effective ways to improve it is to do sports and regular physical activities. Therefore, the present research was conducted with the aim of reviewing the effect of anxiety and stress on the performance of athletes.

Abstracts of GIGALIB database, Google Scholar were systematically searched. Relevant English language articles from 1982-2021 were used with the keywords Anxiety of athletes, Anxiety professional, Anxiety and excitement of athletes. Persian articles in the years 1383 to 1400 were searched from Normagz, Ganj and Irandak databases and with the keywords athletes' anxiety, athletes' anxiety, professional athletes' anxiety, anxiety caused by athletes' competitions, athletes' anxiety, non-professional athletes' anxiety, The anxiety of professional athletes was investigated; According to the set criteria, out of 40 articles obtained, 21 articles were in accordance with the present research and were included in this study.

The findings showed that athletes were more concerned about weight gain than non-athletes, and some articles stated that individual athletes suffer more anxiety and stress than group athletes, which can be reduced by holding educational workshops. The aggression of coaches and spectators has a great impact on the level of anxiety and worry of athletes. Also, a person's level of perfectionism and high expectations from themselves can be considered as the cause of athletes' anxiety and stress.

The support of coaches, spectators and athletes as well as training in conditions similar to competition and increasing the individual's self-confidence in individual sports and believing in hope for positive results can be effective and helpful in reducing anxiety and stress caused by sports.