The need to protect and prevent abuse and violence against children in sports: Review study

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Paper ID : 1874-SSRC
1Master's student in event management and sports tourism at Razi University of Kermanshah
2Facutalty member of Razi University, Kermanshah, IRAN
Although some high-level laws, such as the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, emphasize the development of children and the creation of safe and suitable environments for life and play, and the European Union and the Council of Europe in recent years, protect and prevent violence against children in sports. have prioritized and have practically created programs whose purpose is to increase the capacity of sports to protect children, to create a comprehensive understanding of how and why violence against in sports and to report it in order to facilitate the creation of a common approach in the framework of children's rights and necessary sports Is. In our country, there has not been an acceptable effort to protect and prevent abuse and violence against children in sports, and most of the country's sports federations and boards do not have a written program for this, and every now and then news of the violation of their rights is published in the media. It can be Considering the large number of children using sports and the need to protect their rights in all dimensions, neglecting and paying little attention to this category can cause irreparable damage, identifying the most key issues and related problems. It is of special importance. The current research seeks to provide useful implementation solutions to legal and sports professionals by examining the actions taken in other countries. In terms of methodology, the current research is classified as qualitative research, in terms of practical purpose and based on the nature and method of data collection, it is considered descriptive.