The Impact of an Eight-Week Comprehensive Rehabilitation Program on Electromyographic Activity of Lower Limb Muscles in Women with Limited Ankle Dorsiflexion

Oral Presentation
Paper ID : 2117-SSRC
Department of Exercise Rehabilitation, Faculty of Sport Sciences, Bu-Ali Sina University, Hamedan, Iran
Background: Limited ankle dorsiflexion is a significant risk factor for lower limb injuries as it affects the biomechanics of the lower limb. This limitation compromises ankle and postural stability while disrupting the neuromuscular control of ankle muscles.
Objective: This study aims to investigate the effects of an eight-week comprehensive rehabilitation program on electromyographic (EMG) activity of shin muscles in women with limited ankle dorsiflexion.
Methods: Thirty active women with limited ankle dorsiflexion were randomly allocated into two groups: the exercise group (n=15) and the control group (n=15). The exercise group performed a comprehensive rehabilitation program for eight weeks, which included soft tissue mobilization, joint mobilization, stretching, and strengthening exercises. The control group did not receive any intervention. EMG activity of the tibialis anterior, peroneus longus, medial gastrocnemius, and soleus muscles was assessed during the overhead squat task. Data were collected before and after the intervention and analyzed using a repeated measures analysis of variance (P<0.05).
Results: The results showed a significant decrease in EMG activity of the tibialis anterior and soleus muscles during the descending and ascending phases, as well as the medial gastrocnemius muscle during the descending phase (P<0.05). However, no statistically significant effect was observed in the peroneus longus muscle and the ascending phase of the medial gastrocnemius muscle (P<0.05).
Conclusion: The results highlight the effectiveness of an eight-week comprehensive rehabilitation program in reducing EMG activity in the shin muscles of women with limited ankle dorsiflexion. Therefore, these exercises can be used in injury prevention protocols for athletes with limited ankle dorsiflexion.