Explaining the factors affecting the development of sports tourism in Ilam province

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Objective: The tourism industry has become one of the largest and most prosperous economic sectors in the world. One of the most important and important sectors that has the ability to become a trans-sector issue in the tourism industry is sports; which is called as sports tourism. Sports tourism is a trip that takes place formally or informally based on entertainment or watching sports, and it has become one of the important commercial and economic strategies to earn money, create employment and develop infrastructure for most countries. Therefore, this research aims to identify and explain the factors affecting the development of sports tourism in Ilam province.
Methodology: The qualitative research method was thematic analysis. The interviewees of this study included 16 senior managers of organizations involved in the development of sports tourism, professors, and a number of managers of agencies conducting sports tourism tours. which were selected based on the criterion of theoretical adequacy and in a purposeful manner. The research tool was interview. The validity of the research tool (interview) was examined and confirmed by the interviewees and then the expert professors, and the intra-subject agreement method was used to measure the reliability, and according to this method, the reliability value was equal to 0.81. In this way, the reliability of the test was also confirmed. In order to analyze the data, thematic analysis method was used.
Results: The themes were calculated using two sources of theoretical literature and semi-structured interviews. The result of the qualitative data analysis led to the formation of 8 organizational themes as effective factors on the development of sports tourism, including: (management-executive, structural, social, effective marketing, economic policy, competitive advantage, cultural and environmental), all of which They were presented in the form of a model.
Conclusion: Based on the findings of the present research, we conclude that for the development of sports tourism in Ilam province, the decision-making centers in sports tourism development programs should set laws to attract and support private sector investors, and information Provide clarity about the state of this industry and its income and future to investors.